Easter in Wrocław

Not long after our trip to Prague, we decided to see a little more of Poland. We had heard some great things about Wrocław [vrot-swav] as the largest and most exciting city in Western Poland. So we hopped on a Polskibus that took us there directly in just under three hours.

Easter in Wroclaw

We had a little time before check in at our Airbnb so we had a little look around the main square, one of the largest in Europe (after Krakow!). Continue reading


A few days in Prague

I had been in Krakow for a few months and, being in Europe, I wanted to take advantage of the countries around us.  Poland is in a pretty awesome position for just that. Just across the border and a few hours away was the hip and beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. A friend was visiting Prague from the State on a business trip/holiday, so I thought, why not? Continue reading

Road Trip to Poland: Day 5 and 6

Road Trip to Poland

After four days on the road, we would finally be arriving at our destination: Krakow. We covered the 260 miles from Görlitz and pulled into our first Polish pit-stop – a campsite on the outskirts of Krakow. After calling at the local Żabka, we poured ourselves a couple of brewskis and enjoyed the September sun, in slightly trailer trash style. Continue reading

Road Trip to Poland: Day 4

The four of us woke up at a campsite on the outskirts of Erfurt, Germany. After a less than successful day of travel the day before, we had piled up into the motorhome and managed to find a campsite before sunset then promptly passed out after a long and hectic day. We woke up bright and early and our jolly campsite host saw us off in the right direction.

Day 4 was our last day in Germany. Our destination for the night was Görlitz, a town about 200 miles from where we were. Along the route, we would cross Dresden, a place we had heard good things about. We skipped breakfast at the campsite and decided to stop for some lunch in Dresden, a couple of hours’ drive away.

Erfurt Dresden Poland Continue reading

Road Trip to Poland: Day 3

The Indian summer sun was shining in Wiesbaden as we had some lunch downtown then headed back to the camper for our next leg of the journey.

We were heading to Erfurt, where we had booked an Airbnb for the night as a mid-way stop through Germany. The journey was around 200 miles and would take around 3 hours. Continue reading

Road Trip to Poland: Day 2

Day 2 of the road trip and we woke up bright and early in the town of Sainte-Menehould to our Airbnb hosts, Marie and Michel. After a restful night’s sleep, our kind hosts saw us off with a bountiful and very French breakfast. A spread of home-baked fruit pies, yoghurts, fruit, jams, and toast, we were fuelled and ready for our venture into Germany.

Our first stop in Germany was pre-planned and courtesy of a friend’s parents. They lived near the German border to the west and kindly offered us a place to stay for a night. In the quaint city of Wiesbaden, and just over 200 miles from our previous destination, it was perfectly placed.

Road Trip to Poland: Day 2

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Road Trip to Poland: Day 1

The day had rolled around – the day we were off to Poland. Seemingly an odd choice for a Brit and an American to choose, we had our reasons. Having met in South Korea where we taught English, then spent some time apart, we had decided on a new location together. We wanted to veer away from Asia and explore the beauty of Europe. England had proven to be more expensive than ever when I went back, with a hostile job situation to boot.

While the rest of Europe has its share of difficulties, it was something different, prettier, more exciting…and we could teach English. Poland ticked a lot of those boxes for us, as well as coming highly recommended by many of our friends who had been, with the added bonus of being super cheap!  So, off to Poland it was.

Road Trip to Poland

Packing up the motorhome.

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Missing Korea

Being back home

It’s always strange moving back to your home country after a long stretch abroad. Initially, it’s fantastic; you can gorge yourself on the many home comforts you missed – creme eggs! McCoys! Neighbours! Take Me Out! Sunday bloody dinner! – and you get to see all of your friends and family.

However, the novelty of delicious confectionery and trashy TV shows quickly wears off. Continue reading

Learning the Language

I found in my time in Korea that those expats who got the most enjoyment out of Korea were the ones who learned the language. Generally, I think this applies to almost any country you move to.


YMCA class end of first year

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Seoul Trip 2: Gangnam, Insa-dong, and a Sheep Café

It was my birthday; I was about to turn a quarter of a century, so it was off to Seoul to celebrate in style…Gangnam style. (Sorry.)

Rising early on a bright and breezy Saturday in November (thanks, friends!), we hopped on a bus to Seoul and subway-ed over to Insa-dong. Insa-dong is possibly my favourite part of Seoul; it is mostly made up of a cute, part-cobbled street full of quirky shops, cheeky alleyways, and treasure of the quaintest and most kitsch.

seoul-insadong-street-01tumblr_muvfkcviyv1qkyzm3o1_1280 Continue reading